Zeitgeist Movie

Recently I was turned on to a very interesting non-profit film by a user at Netscape. This film has some very interesting points regarding religion and politics, as well as 911 conspiracy theories.

I found the approach the film makers took with this film was well thought out, as they answered most of the questions they asked in the film, something lots of similar films fail to do. The facts are stated clearly and explained in a simple, understandable fashion. The result of which, has completely changed the way I view the stories of the Bible and religion in general. I began watching the movie a disbeliever in God already, but by the end I found myself wondering why so many people still follow the Christian religion, but I digress.

The movie can be found online, for free, at http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/. Go watch it for yourself and share it with others, there’s nothing wrong with providing more food for thought.


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