Rage From ID Software

I first heard about Rage, the new game coming from ID Software, yesterday. Any game that ID Software is working on always excites me as a gamer because I’m such a huge fan of their previous titles. I have many fond memories of playing Quake and Doom, and soon I’ll be playing Enemy Territory: Quake Wars like a mad man. So I wonder what Rage will bring to the table for fans of these two, very old titles.

Today, though, id Tech 5 surfaced. Behind closed doors at QuakeCon 2007 in Dallas, id CEO Todd Hollenshead revealed the demo was actually the first look at Rage, an all-new IP. As mentioned at WWDC, the game is in simultaneous development for the PC, Mac, PS3, and 360, and will use the second generation of id’s “Megatexture” technology. The game will be come on a single Blu-ray disc for PS3 owners, while all other versions will require two DVDs.

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