Upgrading My PC Water Cooling

Last month I bought myself a GeForce 8800GTS 320MB video card. This is one of the top of the line GPUs on the market today and I had been itching to get one ever since their release last year. Though, now that I have the video card installed, I have a slight problem – this video card emits heat equivalent to that of a small space heater! Not only does the heat it radiates give my room an uncomfortable temperature, the card is always running just below the operating temperatures I feel safe having. So to fix my problem, I decided to water cool my video card just like I do my CPU.

The space inside my computer case has allowed me to keep everything in my water cooling loop inside the case, and I wanted to keep it that way with this upgrade. To keep everything neatly concealed inside my computer case and achieve the desired operating temperatures for both my CPU and my GPU, I had two options.

1. Run two water cooling loops inside my computer case.

This option is probably the most recommended among enthusiast water coolers, who always suggest keeping your CPU in it’s own water cooling loop if at all possible. This allows for much better temperatures for your CPU and other gear that is water cooled by keeping the heat dump for the other, hotter components out of the water contacting your CPU water block.

2. Purchase a larger radiator and put my GPU and CPU in the same loop.

This is the route that I choose in the end. Although my case is big enough for me to run dual water cooling loops, it’s much easier to have just one loop with a very large radiator to get rid of the extra heat being dumped into the water. This saves both time and space inside my computer case, which in the end helps all the components I’m not water cooling.

Enter, A Monster

I proceeded to order the following:

1x Black Ice GT Xtreme 480mm Radiator
1 x EK 8800GTS Water Block

I haven’t had a chance to install them just yet, but I did get a chance to take some pictures:

480mm Radiator

EK Water Block Back

EK Water Block Front


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