ET: QW Is Not Battlefield

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars has been out for a while now, and not a lot of people are happy with it, myself included. It’s a good game and all, but there are just a few things that don’t make me want to play it for 8 hours non-stop. I’ll write about that later though.

What I want to write about it why I am increasingly frustrated with bad reviews of ET:QW by people who seem to miss the history behind the game. THIS GAME IS NOT BATTLEFIELD! It was never supposed to be, and the fact that the developers of the game put so many little Battlefield-like features in the game should be bad enough, but now the game is getting slammed by reviews and users because they wanted Battlefield 2 with a little dash of Quake.

There is a history behind the game, something that both the developers and the battlefield players seem to miss. The game title itself holds reference to that history; “Enemy Territory: Quake Wars”. The game was built with the game play style of Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory inside the Quake story line. There’s all kinds of whining about how it just doesn’t stack up to Battlefield 2, how it won’t replace that game, and I agree, it wasn’t supposed to in the first place.


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