680i Won’t Support Quad Penryns

I wrote about this on my new tech-only blog, ThisIsTech.org, but I wanted to give a bit more of a personal rant about this announcement.

Here’s the simple gist of what was announced by a forum moderator on EVGA’s support forums:

EVGA 680i users,

The EVGA 680i SLI motherboard will support 45nm Wolfsdale (dual core) CPU’s with an upcoming BIOS update. 45nm Yorkfield (quad core) CPU’s will be supported on upcoming nForce 700-series SLI motherboards.


This really pissed me off. I’m not going to be smug about it, I spent $230 on a motherboard that I had researched and was told would be completely compatible with the Intel Penryn 45nm CPUs. Nowhere during my reading did anything state that it would only be the dual core Penryns.

I’m not the only one angry about the situation. If you read the thread linked, many users are demanding that Evga extend the step-up period for their 680i motherboards because their own support pages claimed general Penryn support.  Now this puts me in a situation. I was planning on switching out my year-old E6600 for something a bit more. . . quad core. . . but now I own a motherboard that isn’t compatible with the CPU I was planning on buying. 😦


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