Scrubs, My Old-New Favorite Show

Yesterday I made a post about how I hate watching series on television because I always want to know what happens next. Although I refrain from watching television series every week for that reason, I do catch up with most of the series I take an interest in after the season has wrapped up.

Scrubs is a show that I usually catch on Comedy Central when I’m winding down my day. It’s one of those shows I liked, but usually would just catch and episode, enjoy it, and then move on to some other show or channel. Though, over the past two weeks my view on Scrubs has done a complete 180. I’m absolutely in love with this show, so much so that I might just break my rule and start watching the new season (well, what portion has been written and filmed).

I know it’s a bit hypocritical of me to write and entire post about not watching series, then turn around and say I love a show enough to put myself through the agony of “to be continued”s and “on next week’s show”s. But look at it this way, I’ve spent the last few weeks watching every season of Scrubs. I watched seasons 1-5 so far, and I’m amazed. The show has more substance to it than I could have previously seen by catching the occasional out-of-order episode and has actually made me think more about my diabetes (thanks to the character Turk’s diabetic situation in Season 4). So, naturally a show this good in my opinion deserves my viewing hours. Plus, I really do want to see what happens in the seventh season.

The show is awesome, a perfect mix of comedy and serious drama. It’s way too sad that the current season is the last, but at least the writers have already stated they will actually finish the show, unlike the writers of the series “Angel”, which I watched years ago. . the series just dropped with a huge cliffhanger.

I really suggest you stop reading now and go buy the first complete season of Scrubs!


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