The Readers’ Needs

While surfing through Digg or Propeller, I started noticing something. The topics I am truly interested in just don’t jump out at me. Neither of the sites cater to specific set of topics I would like to view.
Content I Care About: When I’m browsing through Propeller, I seldom stop to read political news thrououghly. I also seldom find myself reading a travel blog and not being bored. I mainly enjoy reading technology-related news and the occasional humor submission. So, why clutter MY front page with Politics? Why even show me submissions categorized under the “Travel” section? Let me choose the sections I want to see.

You may be thinking “Well, Digg does this already,” and you’re right, but ideally I’d like it taken a step further. Really narrow down what the reader is actually interested in, and cut out the excess from their experience. If I’m generally interested in technology, but not so interested in what latests iPhone hacks there are, then I don’t want to see it. Got a story about how much of a performance increase the G92 GPUs bring about, I want it to be emphisized.

This may be asking a lot, but think about it from a readers stand point. I want to get to the site and see what interests me, while at the same time getting the best from those who are submitting and voting on the same things I am. Sifting through pages and pages of random things may be fun to some people, but not to everyone.

Propeller is close to having this functionality with it’s tagging system. For example, I have created a “Tag Channel” of my own by submitting a good number of hardware-related news under the tag “Hardware Review“. The only issue is that I can’t select tags I would prefer to see over others. Think of it like, a Linux fan excludes all submissions tagged “Apple” or “Windows”, because it doesn’t interest them.

Now that I’m done rambling. Not all is bad, but I think the reader’s experience and ability to use the site to read what they want could use some work, that’s all.


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