Ad Farmers Took My Name!

I was seriously considering buying a domain to use with this blog. While thinking, I started going over some things at which point I decided that just using my last name would be the best solution. Jeremiah Hoyet is a relatively long name, and since my first and last name are both extremely uncommon, I think it would be best to have readers just remember one part of it.

The problem is, has already been registered! No less, it was registered by a ad-farming company. I wouldn’t mind so much if the name were registered to a long-lost relative of mine, but ad farmers? Come on!

The name servers even tell a sad tale:

Name Server: NS1.HITFARM.COM
Name Server: NS2.HITFARM.COM
Name Server: NS3.HITFARM.COM

“”. . .


2 thoughts on “Ad Farmers Took My Name!

  1. .org .mobi .info .us are not taken!. the .info is 2.99 at godaddy. But yeahh, you’ll almost never find any five letter .com domain that somewhat makes sense just out and about!.

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