Digg & Photobucket Team Up

Digg announced today that they will roll out the long awaited “Images” category that so many have been waiting to see released. Along with the new category, they are also adding some image-related tweaks to the site. Those changes are detailed in the blog post:

  • New Universal Taxonomy
    Now you can submit news, images, or videos to any category on Digg! Categories will be consistent across the board, which means you can view all media types in a given topic, or view one media type at a time (e.g., only images under the “sports” category). We’re also excited to support the launch with new categories. “Offbeat” will be its own category, with new topics, and we’re adding a whole new “Lifestyle” category with topics like Autos, Food & Drink, and Travel. As always, if you don’t want to see a particular topic or media type on Digg, you can click the customize button in the navigation to filter your view.
  • New Images Crawler
    Submitting images to Digg is basically the same as submitting news and videos, with a few notable differences. When you submit a link to a web page containing multiple images, Digg will crawl the page and present up to ten image thumbnails from that page for you to choose the one you want. We’ve also added this technology to news submissions.
  • Sorting and Duplicate Image Detection
    We’ve added a new sort to the images section called “mosaic” view – it’s great for browsing image thumbnails. To help prevent people from submitting duplicate images, we’ve added image recognition technology from Idée Inc.

Along with the new features, Digg has teamed up with Photobucket to gather content for the new category. Photobucket will add “Digg This” buttons to their photos shortly after the channel goes live tonight.

I can only speculate, having not followed the development of this long awaited feature, that the long wait is attributed to this partnership between Digg and Photobucket. Having two features on two sites as large as Digg & Photobucket roll out around the same time can be a cumbersome process, either of the two could cause delays for the other.

Read: Images and new categories launch tonight


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