Digg, this is annoying.

What happened to the quality of Digg as a website? Recently I returned to my Digging activities, after having not been active for some time. Other than the “fresh start” feeling, I also get the vibe that I’m browsing MySpace every now and then. Why? Well, if you’re a MySpace user, you know that you get the “MSOD” (myspace screen of death) error messages every 2-3 link clicks (boy does MySpace tech support stay busy).

The past few days, I’ve been staring at more “Oops” and “Oh noes” pages on Digg than I have actual content. Every time I click a link I get an error message of some sort. What the hell? I just wanted to view page two of the upcoming articles, how was the page not found?

Aside from that, the speed of the site is still an issue, but that’s okay. The new submission process takes 5-10 minutes to actually work, so I often have time to run and get food or smoke a cigarette before I return to find my “Awww Crap, something broke” page.



One thought on “Digg, this is annoying.

  1. What you are describing is why I don’t visit digg anymore. Any article that seemed interesting and worth reading was unavailable when you try and visit the site. I don’t know if the volume of traffic was crashing these sites or what but the frustration has caused me to give up. Unless you are only interested in snipits and headlines digg is pretty useless now.

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