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Follow Up: Read about the solution I found here.

I’ve been trying to figure out a clean and simple way to display my latest Twitter Updates on my blog. The obvious, and most simple, solution to this problem is to just take my Twitter account’s RSS feed and add that feed to one of my RSS widgets. The only problem with this method is that the texted displayed always includes my Twitter account name before every Tweet, which in my opinion is not very sightly.

I’ve turned to a couple of free solutions to this problem, all of which have their ups and downs. My first attempt was using a website called Feed43 (Feed For Free). Feed43 actually works quite well, after you figure out how to section off the bit of the page you would actually like to have included in the RSS feed. The only problem with this service is that, even when paid for, the feed will only update every hour or so. I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I Tweet 2-3 times in 30 minutes, meaning no one would see what I’m up to for hours, completely defeating the purpose of displaying the feed.

I then turned my attention to Dapper is intended to be used for mashups, but from what I could tell, it’s an awesome tool to use when in need of a “custom” feed. Though I can extract the information I want from my Twitter page much easier with Dapper, I’m still having the problem of infrequent updates to the feed I’ve created.

Does anyone know a service that will edit or create feeds, won’t cost me money, and updates at least once every thirty minutes?


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  1. Hey, thanks for this post. I found it useful. Feed43 does exactly what I want — removing unsightly *myusername* from tweet RSS. Good luck on finding more up-to-the-minute frequency.

  2. Hi mooniker, I’ve actually been meaning to write a follow-up post to this. After using Dapper for a few days I found that it updates about every 15 minutes. Not so good if you’re having a conversation over Twitter (why you would be, beyond me lol), but works great if you’re just using it for hourly updates.

  3. I did notice the other day that your twitter box had an error message in lieu of a tweet, but it corrected itself upon refresh, I think. If you do write a followup, at least I would be interested. Working with Feed43 was really complicated at first, but I figured it out. The only issue I encountered, which is perfectly understandable and acceptable given the free-as-in-beer-ness of the service, is that it puts a little “service provided by Feed43” notice in the title attribute (hover-over text) for the links to the individual tweets (I wonder what it does if I remove the individual linking entirely). Because Feed43 worked, I didn’t bother trying Dapper, but maybe I should give it a look when I have a moment for future reference.

  4. Hey Kai, thanks for the reply!

    The plugin you suggested is actually a great tool, but useless for the free blogs. I’m simple looking for a solution to make the RSS feed appear more presentable. I found a solution that I wrote about last week if you’re interested.

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