What is Open Source to You?

Open Source is a term familiar to anyone who has a good bit of technology know-how under their belt, but what does the term mean to the average person? Why would they even care about the concepts behind Open Source and Free Software?

These are a few questions I’m aiming to answer in a definition research paper I’m writing for my Expository Writing class. I’m not sure, yet, how I’m going to convey the definition of Open Source/Free Software in terms that would apply to the average person or make the definition of my term even matter to my audience (my classmates).

Maybe the economical advantages will be the key to having my audience understand Open Source, but in turn, I don’t want them to think of Open Source software as “Freeware”.

If you’re reading this, what does Open Source mean to you?


One thought on “What is Open Source to You?

  1. I found this post while tag surfing. The thing I love about open source is that is using the software makes me feel like part of the community that created it. Even though I don’t have any programming experience at all and can’t contribute in that way, using open source makes me want to teach others how to use the same software. The fact that support comes mostly from a community of people who have similar desires is also really cool, I think.

    Good luck on your paper.

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