New Laptop: Dell Inspiron 1318

Let’s face it, I haven’t exactly been the social light of the interweb for the past four or five months. This has mostly been due to me working constantly, but another factor was moving in with my girlfriend at her parent’s place. I didn’t have room to haul a 90+ pound, watercooled, monster PC into our room. So for the past few months I’ve been using their family PC, which is an older P4 machine.

Yesterday I was finally able to gather up enough cash to go get myself a decent laptop. Although, I didn’t splurge $1500 like I would have in years past, I got a pretty good deal on a great laptop at a place I usually wouldn’t be caught dead buying from. . . Best Buy.

The laptop I got is the Dell Inspiron 1318. It boasts 3GB of DDR2, an Intel Core 2 Duo T5750 (2.0gHz), 250GB Hard Drive, built-in web cam, bluetooth, and some other great features. Oh, and it’s only 13 inches in size (ala those tiny MacBooks).

Downside: It didn’t come with a battery. I know, the point of having a laptop is to compute on the go, but for the price I got this thing, I could care less about being tied to my power cord until I order a 9-cell battery from Dell.

Upside: The price tag of an Open-box, battery missing, display model. $367 after tax. Plus $60-100 for the battery. Good deal. These things run $700+ brand new.


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