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I’m a pretty active guy, sort of. I have a great deal of online profiles that I only acquired to “check out” the community. Here’s where you’re most likely to get in touch with me around the web. is my current place of employment. It’s a great community for your social news fix, with the standard news twist. Propeller is the new name of Netscape’s one year go at Social Media.

You can find me there under the screen name “TheAttacks”. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me here or on, I’m usually at my computer.
Digg.comDigg is the social news site I used to call home. I once was on the top user list, and I used to visit every day to check out the latest fast feed of information. Now, not so much, but I still visit every once in a while to check out what the community is buzzing on about.

You can find me on this site under the screen name “TheAttacks”.  I’m usually checking out the technology related news on Digg, so maybe you can catch me on a comment thread defending open source or talking about hardware related topics.
Overclock.netIf I haven’t made it clear by some of my blog posts, I’m a huge hardware geek. I have built many computers and in the past year ventured off into water cooling PCs. I have to say, out of all the enthusiasts communities online, this is the one I call home. I’m very active in discussions here and gather some useful tips and information along the way.

You can find me on this community under the screen name “Trendy”. I generally keep to the Water Cooling forum, but I venture out into other areas on the forum as well.


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