A Few Reasons “Twitter Pro” is a Bad Idea

Twitter Pro?

Jason Calacanis and Pat Phelan have both written about how they would be willing to pay for a Twitter Pro/Plus that offered a guarantee of increased service reliability. This all comes as a response to the service interruptions that Twitter experiences almost every day.

I’m not sure that I see the point in paying for the increase in reliability, for a couple of reasons.
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New Feature in WordPress 2.6

WordPress 2.6 isn’t anywhere near completion, but if you’re a WordPress user you just got a great bit of news about the upcoming release in your Dashboard this evening. Michael Adams writes:

Have you ever saved a post on your blog only to realize later that you accidentally erased a critical paragraph? Ever worked on a blog with multiple authors and needed to keep a log of who changed what and when?

WordPress should store a history of all your posts. You’d get protection from accidental changes, and you’d be able to see a clear timeline of the evolution of each of you posts.

Happily, WordPress is awesome! In the upcoming WordPress 2.6 release, the feature exists and rules!

That’s right, no more accidentally deleting an entire paragraph only to realize you’ve screwed the pooch. Also, no more grappling with who edited what post, when, and how much on multi-author blogs.

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Easy CSS Rollover Images

Ever wonder how some images change when you roll your mouse cursor over them? CSS can be used to create a rollover image effect that is lightweight and easier to manage than the Javascript alternative. Here, I’m going to explain two different methods for creating a rollover image effect, both using background image replacement techniques.

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